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A Woman's guide to money & life

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Don't you wish life came with a cheat sheet?


A little guide that talks about how to stay connected with your dreams, finances and destiny, so that you don't get stuck or lose yourself in who you become next?


I designed this course based on my own experiences forging a life and career beyond my roles of mother and wife.


I accidentally stumbled on a recipe for financial clarity and a basic "hands-on" approach to building a better life and now share it with you.



Why the Pink Hard Hat?


As a property developer, when I go onto a building site, I wear a hard hat to protect myself,
A high vis vest to stay visible and steel capped boots to work confidently across the site I’m constructing.
I believe we need to dress appropriately for life.
Not from a place of fear but from a place of confidence.
Knowing that regardless of the weather we'll be ok.



Regardless of where you’re at on your financial journey, over the following 4 modules this course will teach you:



Module 1: Put on our Hard Hats

  • Uncover your financial story (everyone has one)

  • Determine how it’s helping or undermining you

  • Rewrite it as you want it to be



Module 2: Money 101

  • Give you the tools to build a strong financial foundation

  • You will learn Money 101 - all the stuff they don’t teach you at school (this includes budgets and starter packs).



Module 3: Put on Our High Vis Vest

  • Results don't lie;  here we'll examine how you’re showing up in your own life and the lives of those you care about.

  • It’s no use learning these skills in a vacuum. I teach you to become aware of your role and shape it in a way that's helpful and useful.

  • I help you gain clarity and direction in your life so that you don't waste time and money going around in circles, struggling with overwhelm and getting nowhere.



Module 4: Strap on Your Steel-Capped Boots

  • Here you'll learn about the interface between money, relationships and life and how to navigate that balance.

  • As mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends, we’re seeking to build a financial fortress of protection around ourselves to arm us with choices - so we might live the life we’re deserving of.

  • Beyond money though, this is about clarity and confidence.  This module takes you through the 10 steps to getting started, and getting back up again should you need to.  

  • I introduce the notion of generational resilience, and teaching and equipping those that come after us to leave a legacy they're proud of.



If this sounds like you, then get involved.



You're worthy of the attention and investment.