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The Pink Hard Hat - A Woman's Guide to Resilience BOOK
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Let's start a conversation about financial resilience.


If you lost your job or relationship today, would you be OK?


The fact is that thousand of women in Australia are not. Women over 55 are the fastest growing homeless group in this country, and it's a trend echoes in the UK and US. Most of these women were not born into poverty, just poorly insulated from it.


Drawing on inspiring multi-generational stories, Louise Fitzgerald-Baker shows how to build strength and resilience in all aspects of our lives, starting with business and finance.


A successful property developer, Louise risked losing everything when the industry hit a downturn. The stress took its toll and she had to urgently look after her health and wellbeing.


In the process, she realised that she wasn't alone. Many women told Louise they'd suddenly realised the ground had shifted. They had to re-think who they were and how they could continue to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.


'The Pink Hard Hat' is Louise's metaphor for financial insulation. It's all about building a life of security, resilience and purpose. So pull on your hard hat and your steel-capped boots, and start investing in yourself now.


Louise is on a mission to change the plight of accidental poverty for women today. She wrote this book to start the conversation about money. Louise believes Are you OK? should extend to our financial wellbeing. And that as women, we need to share our storiesand insights to help each other along. Each one, teach one. In that way we can build our resilience, capacity and community.


Here’s what others have said about


The Pink Hard Hat

Building The Resilient Woman


“I think every woman needs to read this!

So far into the journey… I have laughed, cried and made some resolutions for change.” 

Rachel O’Brien, Life and Career Coach, Brisbane


“Such an inspirational and relevant book written in a warm, entertaining way.

Louise’s bright personality shines through the pages as she takes us on a journey through three generations of strong women who share their secrets of resilience and financial security.” 

Athena Daniels, Author, Perth.


“This is exactly what I need to give some of my clients and the people around the fringes that need help, but can’t afford a financial adviser.”

Jane Clark, Financial Adviser, Hobart.


“Very empowering and an inspiration!”

Jo Birro, Spiritual Consultant, Brisbane.


“Amazing.  I can relate to so much of it as I’m one of those women who suddenly found themselves having to deal with divorce settlements, re-training and re-entering the workforce after 25 years at home, then dealing with a serious health condition while working full time….(Now) I’m very excited about what the future holds.  Well done on a very relatable book.  I loved it!” 

Maree Lincoln, Personal Assistant, Melbourne.